Hello and welcome to Dustybackpacks, a travel blog started by Elisa & Marc. Two amateur adventurers sharing stories out of our dusty backpacks. We are excited you stopped by and want to know more about us!

Welcome to Dustybackpacks!!

The more we traveled, the more we realized the amount of people that want to travel but never take that first step. Or are scared to go off the mainstream route and discovering lesser-known destinations.

We want to show you, you don’t have to be rich, be a travel expert, look like an Instagram model, or be a Bear Grylls adventurer. No everyone can travel!

First, we started this blog to document our travels for friends and family, when we left on our long term trip in 2019. Mainly off the beaten path by going on an overland trip from Belarus into Russia, Central Asia, Iran and finally sailing over to Dubai. Before taking our first flight to Nepal, to set off on a 2-week mountaineering adventure in the midst of winter battling -40ÂșC and frostbite.

Currently being in Iceland with Elisa’s family riding out the COVID lockdown. We decided to reorganize our blog and hopefully give some answers to some of the questions we’ve gotten along the way:

  • You just quit your job?
  • How do you have the money to travel?
  • Aren’t those countries dangerous?
  • Wow, I could never be away for so long.
  • You did that by yourself?
  • I wish I could do that.

One simple answer: If we can do it, you can do it!

Our most fond memories are not the fancy hotels or expensive tours and dinners in Michelin star restaurants. But the unexpected ones. That night we slept in a cold tent in the desert of Turkmenistan on the ground because we were too cheap to buy sleeping mats. Or that time our car broke down for the 3rd time on our Pamir Highway self-drive adventure! These are some of the moments we will remember until we grow old.

So if we can do it? Why couldn’t you?

Our story!

663 days ago we decided to sell all of our belongings and started traveling the world, long-term without an end date!

Elisa is from Reykjavik, Iceland where her needs for traveling started early. When she moved to Virginia (US) as a teenager to attend high school and then ventured over the pond to start university in Maastricht, the Netherlands. In this beautiful city is where she graduated with a degree in forensics and criminology. Also, this is where we met each other!
Marc is born and raised in hilly south of the Netherlands, past years of his life have been filled with participating in the scouts, motorcycle trips and lots of backpacking around the world. While working in between adventures in the car industry as an engineer.

For the past 10 years, we have traveled to over 60 countries on 4 different continents. We have been on city trips, day trips, family holidays, party weekends, 3-week holidays, business trips, road trips, and long term travel. Traveled alone, as a couple or with friends.

Just like you, we are two normal people exploring the world!

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